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About Us. Ian Williams' Trading the EASY WAY community. Ian Williams is a successful financial trader with over 35 years' experience of trading in the stock markets of the world, as well as commodities trading and Forex trading (Foreign Exchange) markets, using CFD trading, spread betting, and spread trades. This website is an online hub containing updates, free educational resources and unique insight into the world of stock market, Forex and commodity trading. Learn to trade stock markets, trade commodities and trade Forex with Ian Williams. Hi - and thanks for visiting Trading the Easy Way - learn to trade the markets here with me, Ian Williams. So far I have helped over 4,000 people to trade Forex, trade stocks and trade commodities. With my 110+ page manuals which goes into trading methods, trading psychology and trading examples, you will soon be able to spot winning trades yourself. I publish a weekly blog I call WICS - What Ian Can See - in which I discuss the financial state and study charts to see what the future outcomes in the stocks and shares trading world might be. I also publish videos analysing the stocks and shares, Forex and commodities markets. I make some of these available to you free, and some are for my members only. Members also get to ask me unlimited trading questions by email - I will mentor all members and help them with their trading inquiries. Trading and spread betting stocks, indices, metals, commodities and Forex successfully involves the application of knowledge - and it's that trading knowledge I want to share with you, via this 'trading training' website, where you'll learn that I offer financial trading courses. I also provide an ongoing 'trading mentor' service to my students - to read what many of them are saying about Trading the Easy Way, just click on the link at the foot of this page. This website contains a variety of educational videos, articles and tutorials designed to help traders understand the power and simplicity of Trading the Easy Way. You can follow our blog for free and learn the basics of trading stocks, indices, commodities and Forex with our free resources section. Why is the Trading the Easy Way methodology SO successful? Because first of all, it's simple. Far too many financial trading 'systems' try to make things complex - I suspect they consider 'mystery' to be a big deal - you couldn't possibly be clever enough to do this stuff by yourself! Well, believe me when I suggest that anyone can become a successful trader. I don't care (and nor do the markets) what colour you are, your gender, your background, your education level. Trading is a great leveler! And the second reason why my methodology is so successful - without any false modesty because I know I'm at the top of my game - is that you get me. My video bulletins and mentoring service really seem to hit the spot. (Read what some of my past students have to say about their experiences). The course book is your workshop manual, the video bulletins give you the chance to watch over my shoulder as I explain my methodology using real trading examples, and if there's anything about the trading methodology that puzzles you or if you get stuck for any reason, all you need to do is contact me using my mentoring service and I'll explain things until you're comfortable. As a Trading the Easy Way user you can claim one month of free data when you join. THE EASY WAY OF TRADING USING THE FOREX TRADING SIGNALS. Getting your Forex Trading Signals may be your first step to get it right when trading in the Forex market. With this you will be mostly be advised on which direction to take when trading. Understanding the direction of the market is very crucial in trading for you to make a progress on your daily trades. You should always research the right Forex Trading Broker to provide you with Forex Trading signals, most of the Forex Brokers are experts and they know it very well when actions and volatility are to happen in the market. You should use google to check these Brokers; you may just type this word “Best Forex brokers” on Google browser and you will find plenty results to choose the right broker or alternatively you may use this Best Forex Introducing Broker in the South Africa . After getting the right broker you should open a live trading account with them. Some Forex Brokers will usually charge you a fee to use their trading signals while others avail them for free. With these signals you will usually be told the real times to enter or exit the trade and sometimes they may provide you with a certain Forex Trading Robot to assist you on your daily trades. For the past few years Forex brokers were using emails, smart phones, tablets and Skype to alert people with which was the right direction to take while trading. Having the right Forex Trading signals will increase your winning chances. A trader who trades with an advise is more better than a trader who trades with his own understanding, unless if he knows very well of what he is doing. Forex trading signals are most important to newbies in the market but when you start to understand the market it then becomes less effective. Forex traders should always understand that even if the Forex trading signals are most reliable but they are not guaranteed to be always accurate since the market is volatile. The market is most controlled by demand and supply, the experts have cautioned this and that is why using the signals will increase your chances of making money in the Forex market. People should always verify whether their broker of choice are registered or not. Trading with non-registered brokers puts your money into a risk. These are the most tips you may adopt: Wait for an advice from your Broker before you open or close trades Develop a strong relationship with your broker Always communicate your difficulties Learn more about the product you are trading. Most Forex Trading Brokers will always provide you with information that will improve your trading skills, you should always note that Forex Brokers make money from spreads when you open trades, meaning opening more trades with them is very crucial and they will always make sure to maintain a good relationship with every trader. By clapping more or less, you can signal to us which stories really stand out. Aldrin. A Forex information company, making everyone understand global monies. ForexBusinessInfo. Over the past few years the forex trading, the forex trading has become immensely popular among the masses. The basic reason for such popularity is the easy usage of the trade and the access to support services. There is tons of information available out there for the newbies that allow you devise your own effective forex trading strategy. The competition of trading platforms has also heightened as online forex has become known. Forex trading happens to be the recession resistant investment model. You can profit from forex trade no matter what is happening in the local economy if the currencies change the value against each other which is a quite common and frequent occurrence that happens more than once a day too. Online forex trading platforms enable the traders to step into the trading of commodities as well like oil and gold. Other commodities can be traded from the same systems like USD, EUR and Japanese Yen. There is a lot of leverage of in this trade that makes the traders to trade even hundreds of times the amount in single deal. Here is how you can get started right away: First of all you will have to read so that will greatly help in your research. There is quite a large number of ebooks available on the internet related to forex trading. These can serve the purpose of your guide. You can easily refer to them whenever you feel the need to. You will also find some great tutorial guides over the internet which you can easily afford as they come at an affordable price. They are complete trading manuals that include trading tactics and strategies. You can get a forex demo account from a number of places. Forex demo accounts are also called practice account and easy-forex and eToro happen to be the most popular ones. All you need to do is simply download these software and after that you can apply your recently gained skill and knowledge in the real world of forex trading. There is absolutely no risk as there is no real money involved. A demo account enables you to get experience of live trading in the real forex market environment. Micro or Mini Account: After you gotten the hang of the basics of demo account, you can take the next step and move on to real trade by opening a live trading account. You are required to deposit some initial investment that should be a small amount. Mini and micro accounts are those that have small amounts deposited as the initial investment. Always start with a small account. Multiply and Make More: This is the last step of your forex trading plan. You should be able to work your way and succeed in the full trading. You should be able to take the leap and make bigger trades and explore other commodities and currency pairs. Always remember small and steady wins the race and that’s exactly what you need to do!

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Currency Trading Made Easy. A lot of people click this page and its certainly got a title which appeals to most traders but is currency trading success really easy to achieve? Perhaps the best way to sum up if currency trading is to say: “Currency trading is simple to learn but not easy to win at unless, you unlearn conditioned behaviour you have learned as normal in everyday life” Of course you wouldn't expect a venture to be easy, when the rewards on offer are so high but the really good news is - currency trading is simple to learn and can become easy to make money at, if you change your personality. To make FOREX trading easy means, taking on the mindset of a pro trader and this is a choice any trader can make. So far what I have said, may sound a little contradictory but with some explanation, you will understand the point I am trying to make and see how you can achieve currency trading success. Currency Trading Made Simple. The easy bit of currency trading is learning a strategy which can give you success. Prices go up and down and you can see trends on a chart which you can lock and make money from, with a simple currency trading strategy. A Simple trading strategy based on looking at chart formations and price action, with a few indicators (or none at all if don't want to use any) can make huge profits and complicated algorithms and systems loaded with inputs will fail to make profits. This is one of the themes which constantly runs through all our material - simple trading methods will make you more money than complex ones. Trying to be to complicated, will not increase your chances of success with your trading signals and neither will working hard. Now we need to unlearn some common traits which are admired in other professions and life but in currency trading, they won't help you win, they will simply ensure, you lose money and graphically show you why simple trading methodologies work best. Being Clever and technology is Admired in Life But: It Won't Help You in FOREX Trading. From the time you first go to school being clever and academic achievement are seen as good traits and its a fact that the cleverer you are in life, the better your chances of success are likely to be. Were also used to working hard and getting more for effort and the perfect example is – if you do overtime in many jobs you get paid more money. Finally, we tend to admire technology because it makes our lives easier and more pleasurable. Many traders believe these traits which are taken as good in normal everyday life can help them win at FOREX trading but the reverse is true due to the how the markets work. Currency trading markets don't respect technology and don't move to science – they are made by humans and emotional beings make a price. Complex systems won't work on an odds based market in an odds based market simple trading systems work best. The person who is clever and thinks technology will help him win soon learns the reality when he tries to bring these inputs to the market – he losses. Many traders think, the more hours they spend on their trading, the better the odds of success but what they do is - over trade and pick trades which have low odds of success and lose. They think they should be rewarded by the market for their efforts but working hard is not a trait to bring to FOREX trading. FOREX markets reward you for being right with your trades and the fact is if you wait and only trade the best set ups, you can make bigger profits, than someone trading all the time. The above should make clear, why a simple trading strategy will make money and why you don't need to be a computer nerd to make money trading currencies and don't have to work hard. Now if you want to make currency trading made easy a reality, you need to understand how important your mental attitude is to trading which we will look at now. Currency Trading Made Easy But ONLY if You are Mentally Prepared. The real key to success lies within you, the market doesn't beat the trader, the trader beats himself. If you want to win with a currency trading strategy remember, the execution of your method is the real key to success and if you do it correctly you can win. So why is it so hard for most traders to do? To understand we need to look at another couple of traits which are admired in society but if traders don't unlearn them, when trading in the market they will help you lose. The problem most traders have is operating on their own in an unstructured environment. In life, most people are used to structure but the markets are anarchy and there are no rules it plays by and you have to adapt to this or you won't survive. When you are trading in the markets, you have to survive an this means doing things which would be frowned upon in everyday life and some examples will make this clearer. You need to feel stupid and be wrong. This trait is not admired in society but in the FOREX market, it will help you survive and prosper. You will lose probably half your trades or even more - but you have to accept your wrong and take them and above all keep them small. If you want to feel good and clever all the time – FOREX trading is not a profession you should try! You Need go Against the Majority of Traders. The majority of traders lose so don't do the same as them. This goes against man's pack animal instinct, where bonding in groups is seen as social and has also helped man survive for centuries. In FOREX trading you need to be a loner and if you adopt this trait, you will learn that being on your own is the best place to be and the uncomfortable trades which go against the majority opinion, are normally the best in terms of profit. Adopt these Traits and you will find it easy to adopt a disciplined and focused mindset. Your focus will purely be on making money from the best trades, keeping losses small and discipline will come naturally, if you have confidence in your trading method. With a disciplined mindset, you will find it easy, to follow your plan, while keeping losses under control while running winning trades to cover them – to give you an overall profit on your trading account. You will now understand why using a simple trading method and simply changing your mental approach, can make FOREX trading made easy a reality. To find out more about how to Learn Currency Trading Quickly and to find the best Currency Training Courses simply check the relevant areas of this site.